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Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra

Being a highly effective drug for treating erectile dysfunction, Levitra is still anything but perfect. Wonder what makes us say so? Quite expectedly, it is the price that this medication is currently available at. Each pill of brand-name Levitra is going to set you back from $30 to $40 if you are buying it in the US or at least $15 to $20 in other countries. Of course, some health insurance plans will give it to you for free but there’s always a chance yours doesn’t cover erectile dysfunction treatment expenses in full or even partially. So what do you do? Allow this overpriced medication to get your broke little by little? Fortunately, that’s not the only option. You can always consider trying generic Levitra, which is far more effective and less dangerous than many think it is. Read on and we will tell you all the truth about it.

What is generic Levitra?

site iconContrary to popular belief, Levitra by GlaxoSmithKlein or Bayer Pharmaceuticals is far not the only ‘real’ vardenafil-based ED drug. There are many more and they are just as good as the original pill. Why don’t they sell it in the States then? The explanation is actually very simple: the two abovementioned companies are holding the exclusive patent rights for producing and selling vardenafil used for treating impotence in the US, that’s why the market is so limited. The patent might expire in 2018 but that’s only unless it’s prolonged further, which is even more than just likely. GSK and Bayer are clearly not going to give away a market as seductive as this easily, so they will fight their hardest to keep it. And, with our government always being so open to large companies’ demands, we really think they are going to succeed.

The situation is more or less the same in most industrialized countries where people are capable of paying the sky-high prices charged by GSK and Bayer. But what about poorer countries where only limited numbers of people can afford to buy brand-name meds? Suddenly, brand-name Levitra is far not the only vardenafil option they have there, there are dozens or even hundreds of brands to choose from and even the most famous and reliable of them don’t sell their stuff more expensive than $1 to $5 a pill. Okay, you’re probably thinking that their pills are made from dried herbs and frogs and all other witch doctor stuff but you are wrong. Countries like India, Mexico and Thailand have been producing vardenafil for over a decade now and everyone who has tried their stuff says it’s just as good as the name brand.

Many also think that each and every Levitra generic is manufactured from low-grade unpurified vardenafil, which is also not right at all. Pharmaceutical industry is really booming in many developing countries, especially in India and Mexico and they are producing vardenafil of exactly the same quality that their German competitors specialize in.

The only things that make generic Levitra different from its brand-name alternative are as follows: medicine brand, manufacturer brand, size and shape of the pill and prescription status. Yes, you got the latter one right – in most countries of the world vardenafil is no longer considered a prescription drug and is perfectly available over the counter, both in online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Lots of customers actually use the OTC status of vardenafil to get their refills hassle-free during their trips abroad. Believe it or not but in Cancun, Mexico, you can just walk into Walmart and buy some Levitra pills without providing any papers – an unthinkable thing in the US, Canada or the UK.

Are Levitra generics as effective as name brand?

site iconGenerally, 99% of Levitra generics work exactly as well as the original brand-name medication. However, this only applies to vardenafil pharmaceuticals manufactured by well-known reliable companies. Unfortunately, counterfeit ED meds are still anything but rare, especially in Internet-based pharmacies, so you’ve still got chance to run into Levitra generics that don’t work at all or underperform as compared to the original pill, or even are downright dangerous. Thus, we always stress the importance of shopping exclusively in reliable and well-reputed online pharmacies that are rated high enough by Internet drugstore directories and have enough positive feedback from past and current customers.

Besides, there are a few pharmaceutical manufacturers producing low-strength vardenafil based meds that don’t work as well as the original pill does. Their effect wears off faster or you need to take more tablets in order to achieve a normal stiff erection. We strongly recommend you to not only check the background information about the pharmacy you intend to buy from but also to make sure the medication you’re interested in purchasing is a good one too.

Are Levitra generics safe?

site iconThis, again, is a tricky question, the answers to which differ depending on what particular manufacturer we’re talking about. In fact, even the brand-name Levitra is not 100% safe as it doesn’t work well with certain meds and should be avoided by patients with certain health conditions. The same applies to most of its generics. However, there are also some counterfeit vardenafil-based ED meds that are considered to be more dangerous than drugs by reliable manufacturers due to unstable concentration of vardenafil in them. For instance, you take one of these pills and notice that they don’t work that well. You increase your dose to two tablets and get a perfect erection. But what if the next batch of these pills has more vardenafil in them? Yes, exactly, you are likely to overdose on those and that may result in a number of very unpleasant or even plain dangerous conditions including a severe drop in blood pressure, heart attack, sudden loss of hearing and/or vision and the like.

Is generic Levitra legal?

site iconThis depends on where you’re based and whether you are buying or selling. Generally, due to that exclusive patent belonging to GSK and Bayer, generic Levitra is outlawed in many countries like the US, the UK and some European countries. Pharmacies are not allowed to sell generics there and neither are individuals, of course. However, there’s good news too: even though selling generics is expressly forbidden, buying them is usually not considered to be a crime.

Well, most sources actually agree that importing and re-importing vardenafil is illegal, at least in the United States. However, don’t be in too much hurry to close that online pharmacy site that you are looking at and delete it from your browsing history. All sources out there actually add that there hasn’t been even a single case when an individual faced charges for bringing a small amount of ED pills into the country. And the notion of ‘small amount’ is actually not as small as many might think – according to countless observations, you should be 100% safe when bringing up to three months’ worth of vardenafil across the border – either on yourself after your trip abroad or via mail order. Of course, you are recommended to have your prescription with you when receiving your order of generic Levitra – but even if you don’t have one, the worst that can happen to you is getting your pills withdrawn by the customs – no charged whatsoever involved.

Prescription for Levitra generic

Available under countless brands apart from Levitra vardenafil is usually not even noticed at the customs, so there’s almost zero chance someone will come asking you about your order when you receive it.

However, we don’t recommend you to order more than 24 pills of Levitra at once as such an amount is usually considered to have high retail value and can be frowned upon at the customs.

Where can one buy generic Levitra and how much does it cost?

If you are based in one of the countries where selling generic Levitra is prohibited, you can only get it online from a foreign Internet pharmacy. We strongly recommend that you stick with Canadian, Mexican, Indian, South African, Thai or European ones as these usually offer Levitra generics of very decent quality at really low prices.

site iconOn the contrary, if your country allows selling and purchasing generic vardenafil meds, you can just go out and get them from virtually any drugstore, including brick-and-mortar ones. However, we would still advise you to choose e-stores over land-based ones as they offer significantly lower prices, which are also easier to compare, courtesy of various price meta-search engines you can find online by the dozen. Also, check on the prescription status of vardenafil in your country – there’s always a high chance you will need to pay your doctor a visit and get all the tests run on you first before you can go and buy your brand-name or generic Levitra.

The prices of vardenafil vary hugely depending on the country and the manufacturer too. For instance, when buying from Canada, you’re more likely to see generic Levitra sold at $5 to $8 a pill. If that sounds too expensive, try Indian and Mexican online pharmacies – the prices there range from $5 to $1 a pill and even the cheapest drugs offered there are usually of very high quality. We’d say that going for ED meds that cost under $1 a pill is a much riskier option already as such cheap ones are highly likely to be of lower quality or turn out to be plain duds that don’t work at all.

We hope that you found the information provided in this article useful and that it will help you pick your perfect vardenafil medication and buy it safely. Remember that generic Viagra is just as safe as the brand-name medication when produced by a reliable manufacturer and purchased from a reliable pharmacy. There are numerous pharmaceutical directories online including our own and they should be able to provide you with all the safety info and ratings that you need. Besides, you’re always more than welcome to check various forums and message boards and see what real people say about this or that ED medication there. Good luck choosing and shopping!


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Fletcher B.

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Recently, those chatterboxes advised me to try vardenafil 20mg =). I've ordered) Now I'm looking forward to delivery.

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