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Levitra Online

Levitra Online

Everybody knows that choosing the right medication for treating erectile dysfunction is not really that hard – all in all, there are only three main drugs that everyone uses. These are sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil, each sold under a variety of different brand names. What might be a problem, however, is choosing the right place to buy these meds from – there are dozens of land-based pharmacies and thousands of online ones, all with their very attractive perks and special offers. In today’s article we will talk about the latter – online pharmacies selling ED meds. Moreover, we will mostly focus on one of these meds – vardenafil, more commonly known as Levitra.

Where to buy Levitra online?

site iconBasically, you can buy vardenafil online from any point on the world’s map. There are countless sites offering you to purchase this medication and get it shipped straight to your door in virtually no time at all. However, there are a few things that you need to remember before you go out shopping for Levitra on the Internet. This part of our article will give you a quick overview of these.

First of all, if you are based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or most of Europe, buying Levitra online will probably be a pretty time-consuming process for you if you decide to go for local Internet-based drugstores. See, Levitra is considered to be a prescription medication in these countries, so you will need to go to your doctor’s office and obtain the prescription. This process might include answering quite a few questions about your sexual life and health as well as taking quite a few tests to check if Levitra is right for you or you should choose a different medication.

Besides, US citizens will most probably have to go and pick up their online order of Levitra from the nearest brick-and-mortar pharmacy belonging to the chain they are purchasing from. As far as we know, bigger US-based pharmacies don’t offer mail or courier delivery, so door-to-door shipping is not an option there. In other countries, it their turn, this should not be an issue at all.

If you decide to go for an international online pharmacy operating from abroad, you most probably won’t need a prescription to buy or collect your order. However, if Levitra is considered to be a controlled medication in your country, you might have to have the papers in place to get your order cleared at the customs. Of course, this mostly applies to large Levitra orders, which have higher retail potential while customers ordering Levitra for their own personal use (no more than 3 months’ worth of pills) are less likely to be asked about the prescription.

Is buying Levitra online legal?

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site iconIn most countries of the world buying Levitra from either local or international Internet pharmacies is as legal as buying it from that land-based pharmacy you have around the corner. However, in countries like the United States there might be certain rules and regulations that you need to be aware of when purchasing Levitra online and follow in order to make your purchase 100% legal.

First of all, importing or re-importing meds like Levitra is considered to be illegal in the US, per se. But how is it possible that around 75% of Americans have already purchased or are planning to purchase their meds from abroad then? The answer is simple – even though the law is still there, it is only enforced in cases when your order from abroad has high retail potential. In other words, if you are purchasing pills for your personal use and in reasonable amounts, your mail order will most probably pass the customs check without any problems. Larger amounts of ED meds, however, always attract lots of attention and are usually withheld at the customs unless the person ordering them has got enough proof that they are not intended for sale to other people.

The current statistics also turn in the favor of those ordering or planning to order pills from abroad. Even though US citizens have been buying prescription meds intended for treating ED or other health conditions online for two dozen years already, there has never been even a single case when a person ordering these meds for their personal use was prosecuted for it. Needless to say, it doesn’t apply to those cases when people were purchasing forbidden narcotics online – the owners of such orders are definitely going to face charges even when the pills are intended for their personal use.

Pros of buying Levitra

site iconOf course, the main benefit that people buying meds online and from abroad have in mind is the better price. Judge yourself – the meds in the US are overpriced so heavily you can save up to 90% when purchasing from another country. For instance, even brand-name Levitra sold in Canada or Mexico costs two times less than in the US. While you’re likely to pay at least $30 a pill in the States or even up to $40 in some locations, 1 tablet of original Levitra will only set you back $15 or $20 to the south or to the north of the border.

And those are the prices of brand-name Levitra manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals or GlaxoSmithKlein. If you go for generic Levitra from alternative manufacturers, you will be able to save even more as such meds usually sell for $1 or $2 a pill. And the funny part is that they are actually not any worse than the name brand in terms of drug quality, duration of action or response time. They are made from exactly the same vardenafil that is used in the production of Levitra and will help you to treat erectile dysfunction just as effectively.

Besides, buying vardenafil online from countries where it’s not considered to be a controlled substance saves you from all the prescription hassle. For instance, since Levitra is sold over the counter in countries like Mexico or India, you don’t have to bother about all the paperwork when shopping at Mexican and Indian pharmaceutical sites. There is a faint chance you will be asked to present your prescription when your order is held up at the customs but that is extremely unlikely to happen. And even if the customs officers ask you for your papers, you can simply go to your doctor and get those. If the worst comes to worst and you end up without a prescription, your order will simply be withheld and returned to the sender, no legal problems for you. Once again, let us remind you that there hasn’t been even a single lawsuit against the online buyers of Levitra, Viagra or Cialis in the United States so far.

And the last, though definitely not the least: just think about how buying Levitra online helps you keep your privacy. You won’t have to discuss your sexual problems with your doctor, you won’t have to worry about meeting someone you know at the pharmacy when picking up your ED pills… The only people who will be aware of the fact that you are taking Levitra will be you and some guy accepting and packing up your order on another side of the globe. All Levitra orders are sent out in discreet packaging, so even the delivery people or exceptionally nosy neighbors will have no clue.

Cons of buying Levitra

site iconThe only real problem that you risk to face when ordering Levitra or any other ED medication on the Internet is running into a not really reliable supplier. There are thousands of sites selling meds online and it’s only natural that not all of them are as good as they claim themselves to be. There are some sites where you risk getting low-quality pills that don’t work as well as the ones you are used to or even don’t work at all. And, of course, there are sites that simply take your money and don’t send anything in return. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to avoid those and we will tell you how exactly to do that in the following part of our article. Read on – this information is extremely valuable.

Buying Levitra online safely – how to choose the right pharmacy?

site iconFirst of all, it’s incredibly important to check, what country the online pharmacy you are planning to order Levitra from is based in. As a rule, the pharmacies based in the US, Canada, UK and Europe are the safest. However, all of these require that you present your prescription when ordering from them – either in person when collecting your order or by submitting a scan or a digital version of it on their site.

If, however, you decide to go for the no-prescription option, we strongly suggest that you stick with Indian, Mexican, Thai or South African online pharmacies. While Levitra is available over the counter there, these countries are already developed enough to ensure very decent quality of their pharmaceutical products.

What is very important, however, is making sure that the online pharmacy really operates from the country where it claims itself to be based. Sites that don’t state their real street addresses and phone numbers on the Contacts page are an absolute no-no.

Even if the pharmacy you’re planning to purchase from looks reliable enough, you just have to check its background before you buy. It’s fairly easy to do, by the way – there are numerous online pharmacy directories that run site checks regularly and post the ratings of Internet-based drugstores based on their performance, the quality of their products and the feedback from their customers. Taking a look at the things people post in different forums and message boards can also be useful – if the positive reviews prevail over negative ones significantly for the pharmacy you’re interested in, you should be safe to buy from there.

Summing up everything we said in this article, we can come up with the following conclusions: buying Levitra online can be 100% safe if done the right way. Just follow the guidelines laid out here and you will have the chance to return your sexual performance to peak levels at lower price and without any risks or problems with the law. While we recommend you to stick with brand-name Levitra whenever that is possible, we can say that 99% of its generic alternatives work just as well and are just as safe as the name brand. If you’re going for generics, try to choose more popular brands that have enough positive feedback from the customers and you will be just fine.

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